Who is Best – Your Regular Security Guard Or the New Security Products?

Today, after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, everyone cares about its safety. The number of so-called innovative products on the market has tripled and sales zoom as never before. The share prices of those protective products’ manufacturers are also increasing. The ordinary man who is far more concerned about his immediate family is the disgusting buyer of these items. However, have anyone thought to date, how far will you get protection from the services of your old security guard with these new modern security products? To find out more…

India is a great country, and every citizen also has a huge job of protecting them. When it becomes clear, the common man will try to defend himself and his immediate family at his own expense. Because the ordinary male is not rich, Z Plus defense like our movie star, pop stars, etc. can’t afford it. The Z plus protection is provided to our politicians by government machinery at the cost of taxpayers’ money. The common man, who feeds the stars to pop stars by buying tickets for their shows and immediately pays taxes, is ultimately alone to defend himself. As Z plus safety is not rich and at exactly the same time its family cannot fall into the treacherous hands of anti-Communications elements, it is forced to perform something like buying or hiring a security guard for new innovative protection products.

The ordinary male is wise enough to weigh options before making important decisions, such as giving him/her whole family protection. This article looks at all the readily available choices as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each to help the common mal to make a practical decision in his/her defense affairs.


According to this article, although at the entrance of the establishment a security guards may take care of the security products, they should be compared to the regular safety guard, which can provide 24×7 vigilance. However, a number of disadvantages exist. If someone forces him/her to the facility, the security products can’t resist him/her except for alerts. The regular security guard will do a better job in this particular context.


The choice between a security guard or a product may depend on the context of a particular establishment. In this context, the establishment should be supported with regular defence and guard products as well, if public places like hotels, movie theatres, malls etc. are to be protected where a large public is expected each day. If the property is a place not often visited but is on a highway, the choice of the guard works fitly. The use of protection products works fine if the establishment is not frequented but is situated in the center of the town or maybe near a busy location. This article recommends a combination of safety guards and defense applications for a regular house where a family stays.

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In short, depending on where the property is situated, how many times the place you visit together with other specific factors that are unique to the property must be chosen between the safety guard and the products. This report confirms that many of today’s defense products cannot offer 100% stand-alone protection: the regular guard with excellent protection products is a great mix and may also serve as a preventive measure for future defense infringements.