The name Tokyo Marui was often heard by someone who shot an airsoft weapon. Established in 1965, Tokyo Marui is also considered the world’s largest air software firm, and definitely in Japan. In Japan, the Tokyo Marui BB sports field, they are very popular in running their own airsoft field as well. Its AEGs are the industry standard used to calculate other AEGs.

The AEG was invented by Tokyo Marui in 1992. Their first FAMAS F1 replica was their first AEG. Before the machine in Tokyo Marui, the way paintball guns were all airsoft weapons were powered by external gas tanks. Somehow, each AEG is a clone of Marui. The original Marui concept modifies both V3 and V2 gearboxes from various airsoft firms. You also invented the AEG word.


In comparison, most Tokyo Marui replicas have bodies made of plasty ABS compared to other top-quality airsoft makers. Almost all of their models were in plastic until recently but a handful of full metal models have recently been released. Marui plastics are some of the company’s highest-end plastics and often feel almost like a touch of metal.


Marui essentially creates replicas of any firearm that can be thought of. M14, M16, M4, MP5, G36C, P90, FAMAS, Steyr AUG, AK, and G3 are among several of their series. These are just AEGs, not even the entire collection is possible. They also bring on a wide range of handguns, bolt guns, gas guns, RC tanks, RC cars and electric scooters. In the business, Marui really is a beast.


Marui has recently revolutionized the airsoft petroleum industry by producing automatic electric pistols, in line with their history of creativity. AEPs run on an improved AEG gearbox version. They work in winter weather conditions, have lower running costs than gas-fired handguns and are better. However, they shoot only at about 250FPS which, compared to GBB handguns, is extremely small.


For a number of purposes, Marui AEGs are extremely effective. Then all the gearboxes were invented. It is reasonable to build versions very well and to do so. Marui replicas are also marginally lower in FPS than competitor deals. Although 350FPS is fairly popular, most Marui replicas fire within the range of 240 320FPS. This ensures that they get a higher ROF and the gearboxes will last longer.

Tokyo Marui is also highly reliable in its line of NBB and GBB handguns. They are supposed to work on HFC134A, which is a coolant. The pressure gas, which becomes the industry standard, is lower than natural gas. This leads to fires with lower FPSs, but improves longevity and reliability than other gas pistols. Though not recommended, many Marui pistols can also work effectively on natural gasoline. The gun line Marui features, among others, Glocks, Desert Eagles, Berettas and M1911.


Marui also makes some funky models along with these basic components. You do a pump shotgun line, for example, with 3 BBs fired at a time. They are also using a bolt rifle line. The weighted piston to simulate recuperation is one, VSR 10 Actual Shock. There are a number of grenade launchers from Marui and the AEG Boys range of weapons that are both up and down for the use of children.

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Their Steyr AUG replica is a Tokyo Marui product which really hits out. This weapon uses the Marui Ver. 3 gearbox which solved many Ver. two gearbox problems. When they made this reproduction, Marui paid great attention to detail. The box includes the Branding of Gex Cobra which was called the counter-terrorism unit in Austria during the 70s (Steyr AUGs are manufactured and were developed in Austria). The magazine serial number also coincides with the actual version of steel.


On this particular weapon Marui’s ABS plastic body is fine, as the main part of the exterior structure is not metal on a real firearm. This weapon fires about 285FPS with.2g BBs and has unbelievable precision as a result of its long barrel. It weights an astounding 7 pounds, in addition. Like the real AUG steel, there is no selector switch in the rifle. It uses a trigger of 2 levels. Pull quickly for single shot, or maybe for the entire vehicle.