The passing of English exams is a prerequisite for students who wish to graduate in most countries, including Nepal. In the business world, pupils with a knowledge of English would most probably be successful. However, this year it looks like some test problems might have occurred.

The Himalayan Times announced that there were orthographic and grammar errors in the six-page question sheet used for the School Leaving Certification (SLC) test. Scoring errors were also present in the grammar section. In English and Nepali errors were frustrating for schoolchildren who were shocked to find faults in their tests when their own English skills were reportedly checked for themselves.

The Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) is the authority in charge of obtaining the SLC queries. This year, they had a limited budget, so that, as they say, many people couldn’t adequately review the tests for errors. The controller and his assistants are given access to questions and answers to confidentiality regardless of the budget.

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Perhaps it would be easier for the OCE and control unit to carry out the test if they were using writing technologies such as the spelling and grammar checker of White Smoke Inc. The latest product, White Smoke 2011, has found these sketching and orthographing errors that are so badly reflected in OCE when a user just clicks “search” White Smoke operates with high-end technology, focusing on both statistical and NLP algorithms or natural language processing. This helps the machine to understand how the human mind functions in writing and to understand better how to correct the errors. Furthermore, White Smoke 2011 provides a complete text translator which enables you to translate into nine different languages and a multilingual dictionary that translates single words. This allows you to see how your translated word is used for an expression, using examples of every word that you traduce. A written review feature can also be purchased for those who want to develop their English. The summary offers you a detailed description of your original text with customized suggestions for more changes.


Even if the OCE will help with the SLC exams next year, it still saves a lot of uncertainty and time for the text to be scanned using White Smoke 2011. When it comes down to it, people make mistakes, all considered. White Smoke 2011 uses artificial intelligence to make sure you don’t miss any error.