Flooring resin is the substance used to complete the state-of-the-art rock carpet installation process. It may sound like a “oxymoron” but it doesn’t. A combination of water-resistant resins and epoxy polymers is used for the flooring resin. The transparent flooring resin is not only used to cover up rocky carpet but is mainly used to keep the revolutionary ground sealed, resistant to fading, scratches and dentures and free of stain.

The resins are made of other materials and epoxy polymers that remove water and dirt from its flat, smooth surface, helping to maintain it clean and dry. The result is a slip and stain resistant, dent and scratch resistant and the water-resistant floor that will last a whole lifetime, once it has been placed on the rock tap. Rock tapestry is the newest form of flooring to add on almost any flat surface. From entrances of all types, to floors in and out, to industrial flooring.

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It aimed at consolidating its surface, its appearance, its smooth texture and its water resistant characteristics, particularly on rock carpet. Until now, it has been a big success for the proprietor of contemporary architecture. The paint, width, pattern and general look can be tailored for the functionality along with flexibility, as well as for all other floor styles.


It has become an intense issue for both the commercial and residential owners due to its limitless possibilities yet new to the general public. It derives its name from the composition of several thousands of small rocks, mostly from New Zealand and North and South America. The passage through an estate with the revolutionary rock carpet surely turns heads. This is a simple best buy customer.