The town of Ocala is proud to be at the intersection with Florida. The town is known for its rich green fields, and the large concentration of horsemen arms that gives its name to it as the “Capital of the World Thoroughbred.”

Apart from providing a rich green climate, the city is renowned for its many property options for residents and new arrivals, ranging from cheap bungalows, townhouses, apartments, homes for single families, condos and large estates. The city of Marion, as well as the county of Marion, provides residents and tourists with a wide variety of recreational facilities and parks.


There are several parks and leisure centers in the county.


The parks and recreation system of Marion County provides about 40 facilities for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors, from boat ramps to softball grounds, beaches and wildlife parks to dog parks.


Several leisure facilities in the county offer free access and some charge a small entry fee and many offer annual passes. Dunnellon’s Rainbow Springs State Park has the fourth largest spring in Germany and headwaters have become popular canoe, swim, kayak and snorkelling destinations on the Rainbow River.


A Demand of Buyers Here Today?


According to analysts from the real estate industry, median house prices were at $170,900 for the second quarter of 2007, which represents a marginal improvement over the price reported of $169,500 for the same duration of the year before 2010. The National Association of Realters has also noted that for the second quarter of 2007, the median US home price was $223,800, compared to a total of $227,100 in the same time frame last year.

The medium price was $221,200 for the state of Florida, which was done for the same time last year from $243,300. Based on nearby property analysts, the housing sector in the region is still seen as a buyer market in relatively limited terms. In March 2006, product sales were very high as 614 households were sold.


There’s still a surplus of newly built, but empty homes since investors purchased them, but they’ve now been stuck with homes that they can not offer. According to industry analysts, the Ocala Marion County MLS has around 6,869 homes in the final quarter of 2007. Homes sold here are currently priced at the middle to lower rates, and well-priced households sell at their demanding rates.

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Is this therefore a good time to buy a home here? Others say yes, although others point out that to say yes is always highly cautious. It all depends upon you to make a decision, but in these days you are trying to find a variety of wonderful and excellent offers.


The average price for homes in Florida’s city and province is currently the second lowest, which makes it very likely to value home over the next few years.