Fever is back on the cards with the 2010 International FIFA World Cup. Countdown began to celebrate the hottest game in the world. A month-long mega football show is scheduled to start on 11 June 2010. In sixty-four games leading to the last frontier on 11 July 2010, thirty-two nations across the globe will take part in the fight for glory and pride. South Africa’s beautiful state is surely the honored host of such an exhibition.

The craze of the FIFA World Cup 2010 has made soccer fans wild around airflow, as the fumes of the best football skills and talents in the world are loaded into the world of South Africa. The beautiful country of Africa seems to be one of the prime locations for a special world safari. The South African travel industry is at acme with a large number of fans from different countries and millions of anticipated visitors.

In addition, the immense glories of pinnacles and soccer make football a journey to remember. Soccer World Cup 2010.


10 bright stadiums will host 64 World Cup matches in nine South African towns. All these amazing soccer stadiums provide an extensive live football experience. Eight groups of 4 teams each competing on two stages were divided into the experienced teams. The very first stage is the group stage where a group will play each team. The 2nd phase involves the 16th Round, Finals, Semi Finals, and Quarter Finals. After the group stage, top 2 teams in each group will probably finish in the round of 16, with top eight playing in the quarter finals.


The mega phase of the semi-finals and finals begins from then on. In case of draw results all matches in stage two have penalty shootouts. Overall, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will offer a demonstration of love for football to all fans.

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For this case, thirteen teams qualified which did not enable the Football World Cup to take place in 2006. The stage for a difficult fight between the new and the old one was set. The Italian defending champions are sure to be confronted with a flood of destructive shots. The DPR, Chile, Honduras, Nigeria, Slovakia etc., are all set to play against the heavyweights of football such as the Netherlands , France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Others and England. The football team will be revamped.


There have been impressive targets, prominent savings, competent challenges and prominent assaults at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in ninety minutes of non-stop soccer.