Best replacement parts buy locations!

The surge of interest in all descriptions of electric scooters has led to a strong demand for repair and replacement parts. But from where can you buy them?


Electric scooters range from children’s e-scooters, powered electric scooters and adult mopeds, e-mobility scooters for anyone and older adults, special mobility scooters for disabled people. In choosing a brand new roller coaster, you can ask the dealer if repair pieces are not hard to accomplish and where exactly. The best way to make sure electric scooter parts are located is not a challenge.

However, much will depend on where you purchased your scooter. If you purchased it from a local dealer, you should expect it to have a post-sales service and to provide you with every piece of scooter. If you purchased on eBay and on the Internet on the other side, you will find that the supplier doesn’t provide post-sales help, and it is your responsibility to find those parts that you will need and search for someone local to fix them.


However, don’t worry, there are currently a number of online shops which specialise in providing scooter parts of all types and you are sure to get what you need. For example, Scooter Support offers a component index for almost all favourite brands including: Bladez, Razor, Goped, Cateye, Transporter, Terminator, Mosquito, X-Treme and Tornado as well as other brands. These very helpful lists show a picture of how the part is and a complete summary. They even inform you whether you do, or even if you have to get, a brand name original repair part which you can supply. You have a universal replacement electric scooter part.

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Scooter help also offers comprehensive guidance on the care and maintenance of eco-scooters, and they also have a section on how to replace and restore simple work for yourself step by step. This will save you a lot of money in the expense of mechanics. Their advice includes also how to boost the performance of your motorcycle, pointing out that “the majority of improvements and repairs are as quick as the unbolting and rebounding of a part, cutting of wires and splicing of a brand new part.”


You can always use the Department of Urban Scooters online when you do not find the components you need in Scooter Help. They stock gas and power scooter components from all the renowned brands and offer a Parts Finder service to take you to a place where you can see an image of every electric scooter and a list of the components available below. This will make tracking exactly what you need super easy.


Furthermore they recommend a separate online shop called Parts for Scooters which are also a specialist in cases you can’t find what you want at Urban Scooters. Parts for Scooters goes this extra mile and also provides a ‘Find a repair shop,’ where you can send an email to show you where you live, and they will let you know the names and addresses of your electric shops!