It is illegal to delete correct data from your credit report, based on the FTC that enforces the Equal Credit Reporting Act. Collections, fines and late payments will remain in the report for 7 years, bankruptcies for 10 to 12 years.

You’re screwed, boy! Boy! Only dig a hole, go up and bury yourself!


The truth is that while the above assertion is right, what about the consumer-friendly regulations requiring the lending agencies to check the details they report? What is the verification process? Can it only be reviewed because the collection company claims that you owe the cash? Let ‘s assume actually you owe the debt and that your debt can’t be confirmed by the final collector for pennies, because you owe the debt? Can it continue to be OK for them to report?

There appears to be a lot of readily available information which says you can’t cleanup it (Opps, I forget, cleaning up your credit is a bad word). That’s a better thing; let ‘s talk about “credit repair.” Credit repair and loan restitution are the following methods;


— Be mindful of the problem-

— Define the advantage

— to pursue to change your way of managing your finances

— Make a proposal

— Eventually, the strategy is completed


Now if you have had bad credit for a while, you may want to explore the direction of “Credit repair and credit restore” with a competent credit counselor to review the financial image of yourself to see through improvements can be made in order to deal with your finances. It will also help you to recognize the long-term economic advantage of remedying your loan so that you can benefit from the discounted interest rates on your, your vehicle, credit cards and other credit rating items.


How about the credit profile information? How about your account or maybe you should pay off my credit report since the last five years, but the collector claims it is yours? You have absolutely no record of it. It can not be withdrawn legally on the basis of the FTC. And I think it must be, because they said it yours. It’s not specific! The credit reporting agency MUST get it rid of, even though the collecting company can’t prove it is you!


A multi-billion – dollar business a year, the credit reporting industry has done such an egregious work to correctly disclose information to consumers or consumers about continual client adjustments that can be beneficial in eliminating unverifiable information by statute. If a customer has details and can’t check on the credit reports, the credit reporting agencies must delete this details whether or not it is owned by you, PERIOD!

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This is the assumption on which many lending repair firms operate. The credit monitoring agencies and collection agencies know that neither they nor the collection agencies have done their best (billions of dollars annually). You recognize whether the rules of the Equal Credit Reporting Act are correctly enforced in the course of litigation, and whether or not the info is accurate. Is that unethical or incorrect? The query must be OK to report unverified details by the credit reports agencies. You will know that the credit reporting agencies will conduct an effective reporting procedure each year for their earnings.