Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns

The name Tokyo Marui was often heard by someone who shot an airsoft weapon. Established in 1965, Tokyo Marui is also considered the world’s largest air software firm, and definitely in Japan. In Japan, the Tokyo Marui BB sports field, they are very popular in running their own airsoft field as well. Its AEGs are […]

Something to Know About Civil War Firearms

The choice of the best collector weapon for your collection might be like a needle looking in a haystack. Most of the time collectors must sort the garbage to enter the storehouse, but it’s all worth it when this special firearm is found. Like some other sectors, the weapons commemorative industries have their share of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to BB Gun Ammunition

A BB gun is a weapon that propels the round steel shots popularly called BBs. Although the BB word today applies to different types of pellets of various sizes, weights and materials, this has not always been the case. Is BB a ball bearing standard?   It is commonly assumed that the term BB gun […]

Amish Gun Cabinets – For Your Prized Weaponry

If firearms and firearms are something a person wishes to experience for personal use, or perhaps it’s a hobby to collect arms, all the people who have arms prefer to use a display area for them and there’s nothing better than Amish armaments. These beautifully crafted handmade furniture pieces, of heirloom quality, are not only […]