In the past two years, binary options have become more common. New traders chose this particular trading because, in fact, they don’t need to buy something, they just forecast whether the asset would go up or down in certain timescales. These companies take place in a tiny period (thirty seconds, one minute, five minutes) but can be months too. If the trader mispredicts, he will surely lose his capital. If the trader is accurate in his prediction, 80 85 percent will be paid on the basis of the broker.

At times, binary options, which are exchanged on the American Stock Exchange, are referred to as ‘all-or-nothing options,” digital options or’ fixed retour options.


Bitcoin ( BTC) is an electronically generated, held and regulated digital currency. “Bitcoin is an Internet transaction system developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, who introduced it in 2009 as open source, and is a peer-to – peer system which users can process without the need for an intermediary immediately. The transactions are validated through the network nodes and documented in a publicly distributed block chain.


Bitcoin in binary options trading as an asset


Like other trading sites have come to be used, Bitcoin embraces this as a mechanism for paying the trading deposits to its customers. There are various advantages, which are used as a currency by Bitcoin. This is why Bitcoin has been developed first and foremost to reduce the cost of an online transaction. Since there is no central body that administers the Bitcoin service, no charge is charged for exchanging or obtaining a paid transaction. Another explanation behind trader’s usage of Bitcoin is that it has “the lowest price among all types of online payment.”

“The trader can protect himself from the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency, with all the trading transactions mentioned in Bitcoin, while at the same time gaining much greater benefits through the trading income.”


Bitcoin as a product for the trading of binary options


Because of Bitcoin’s current success and acceptance as a currency, many binary platforms have started to use Bitcoin as one of the exchange currencies. Well, like an asset. In trading with flat currencies, Stockbrokers see the benefit, most of them against the US dollar.


There are currently two major types of binary options platforms available from Bitcoin:


Binary option platforms that allow Bitcoin trading-First- Generation brokers

Second generation brokers-both Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading platforms

Brokers of first generation who deliver trading with Bitcoin:


Coinut-only forum for trading of Bitcoin options; configured as powerful and distributed on Linux operating system

BTClevels — Bitcoin binary trading options website, hassle free with or without registration

24 options – one of the key brokers who started to offer BTC as asset

Brokers of the second generation who provide Bitcoin financing and trading services:

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Binary Traderush site-BTC accepts deposits

BTC funding is approved and BTC tradings are possible; the Nadex trading platform provides restricted short-run trading, liquidity and full market control

Trading platform Satoshi Choice – embraces BTC financing and permits BTC trading; neither requires registered account nor personal information. Payouts are almost instantaneous and the service can be accessed from anywhere

BTCOracle platform – Bitcoin platform is the only platform – makes BTC finance and exchange with few wallet choices and full transparency.

As previously stated, the BTC platform allows BTC trading and financing but includes a login.

Bitcoin Wisdom – enables the exchange of three digital currencies, Litecoins, Bitcoins, Alt coins against other flat currencies.

Beast Choice-allows BTC to finance and exchange Litecoins and Bitcoins; guarantees equal pricing regardless volatility in market

It is important to verify their conditions when choosing a Bitcoin broker, paying special attention to the details on whether their Bitcoin assets are stored in ‘Deep Cold Storage.’ This ensures that Bitcoins are insured and held offline somewhere that is not vulnerable to hackers.